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Anne Rice's Christ the Lord films in Israel

ChristtheLord.jpgLast year I wrote about Anne Rice and her film of Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and the trend of religious themed films coming from Hollywood, now we hear that the film will be shooting in the gorgeous country of Israel this October, a decision that has received the full support of the Israeli Government it seems.

The film will tell the story of the character of Jesus Christ aged seven as he and his family leave Egypt to return to their home in Nazareth. The story will be shown from the boy's perspective and will show the character growing into the character that is known throughout religious literature...well, of some religions anyway.

The news comes from Starpulse News Blog.

Previously we heard that this was the first of four books that Anne Rice was writing on the character, and so far only the rights to the first book has been sold. The question really is will they portray Jesus with darker skin of someone from that region, abandoning the commonly illustrated version of the character who is always white skinned, as though he'd just come out of the dreary weather of Scotland! Judging from the book and the setting, it certainly looks that way.



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