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Another attempt at The Green Hornet

BruceLee.jpgColumbia pictures is the latest studio to try and get The Green Hornet film off the ground. Neal H. Moritz is producing, he's also behind the Escape From New York remake.

The story follows Britt Reid who is a playboy who inherits his fathers newspaper, The Daily Sentinel. By night he dons a flimsy disguise and fights crime thanks to his sidekick, Kato, a character made more famous by the spoof of the Pink Panther series than the original show.

The 1966 TV series saw Bruce Lee take on the part of Kato with Van Williams playing Reid.

Moritz talks about his love for the character and the relationship between Reid and Kato through The Hollywood Reporter:

"I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for long time," Moritz said. "From the first time I saw that show, I just loved it. I loved the characters. And I love the idea of a guy who is indebted to another guy for life because (the latter) saved his life."

Much as I think it could be a good story to bring forward, we've seen it many times before on screen. I really wonder what is any different with this one and why it could stand apart from other crime fighting and superhero (although he has no powers) films? Can someone try and sell me on the idea? I just don't think I see the strength and the allure of it myself.



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