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Bay confirms 2012: The War for Souls?

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has copied a press article on his official blog regarding him directing 2012: The War for Souls, the Whitley Strieber novel that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are set to produce.

There's no clear reason why or what he's saying about it, since he doesn't really say anything, but you can assume he's confirming it by posting.

Talks are in the preliminary stages, but it is known that Bay intends to direct, while Orci and Kurtzman will produce via their company Kurtzman/Orci...

...Strieber's story centers on an academic researcher who discovers that multiple versions of Earth co-exist in different dimensions, but all are threatened by an apocalypse to occur in 2012 prophesied by the ancient Mayans. By opening a portal into a parallel universe, he makes contact with his double to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. The book is due in the fall by St. Martin imprint Tor.

A search for a writer to adapt is under way...

..."We've been looking for a way to have the kinds of thrillers that we are interested in that still take into account the latest theories and discoveries in Egyptology and in quantum mechanics and all those things that Mr. Strieber is so knowledge about," Orci said.

"The idea of a man teaming up with himself to solve a cosmic mystery was way too good for us to pass up," Kurtzman said.

Is part of the quote from The Hollywood Reporter through Michael Bay's blog. It does seem that Bay is confirming his desire to direct.

I'm familiar with Strieber's work when he's talking about aliens and his life of abductions, and I was also surprised to read that The Grays is being adapted by Ken Nolan, as is his horror work The Wolfen and The Hunger, seems like he's quite hot property at the moment.



If you want some background on the concept of the Mayan calendar that is the basis of Micheal Bay's new “2012″ movie then you can check out:


It explains a little about the whole doomsday theory. Its pretty cool actually.


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