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Berry to play charming jewel thief

HalleBerry.jpgHalle Berry is moving on in her career and closing a rather comic chapter behind her. She's set to play the character of Doris Payne in a film called, strangely enough, Who is Doris Payne?

Well let me tell you who she is. She's one of the most known jewel thieves in the world, ever. Her career spans an amazing five or six decades (depending on who you read), and her modus operandi was pretty damn cool, she didn't grab the jewels and run, nor did she hold anyone at gun point, she actually walked in and left as a customer.

She would engage the clerk in conversation, get to see some of the jewels, and while she was distracting and confusing them, she would pocket a few stones. Easy as that. Having said that, she's serving time in prison right now, so remember kids, crime doesn't pay.

The film is written by Eunetta T. Boone and is set to star Berry in the lead according to Moviehole who also have a great comment from one of the producers, Justin Berfield.

"Doris is a magnificent woman and she's incredibly intelligent. I aim to tell her story the way it is. It will explore claims she has a mental disorder but I hope to leave it up to the audience to decide whether Doris is a hero or a villain. There's no way she shouldn't be punished but it is important to state Doris never physically hurt anybody. She made her living stealing from the rich and from stores."

Sounds like an interesting insight into a remarkable woman, I hope they do manage to pull the story off without skewing the story either way and leaving it to us to decide. After all she's still a criminal and over romanticising the story might not be the best thing.



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