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Besson confirms Transporter 3?

Transporter2_Poster.jpgIs there going to be a Transporter 3? Well part of me would like to see the return of the character, but the other half wants the outrageous car stunts of the second film to be lost on the cutting room floor forever.

According to what seems like an offhand comment, producer of the series Luc Besson has said that the Transporter character would probably return in March or April of next year. He goes on to say that It's just too much fun, I presume he means making them is too much fun.

The comments come from Rotten Tomatoes through First Showing

I do think the second film went too over the top for the character, but the first film was great fun and I thought we had great possibilities for Frank Martin and Jason Statham. Unfortunately he fell fowl of huge stupid car stunts and perhaps the producers just having too much fun.

Would you like to see a third? I think I would, as long as Statham is back and the non-physical stunts are toned down.



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