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Binoche in Israeli Gaza Strip film

JulietteBinoche.jpgJuliette Binoche is appearing in the first dramatic portrayal of the Israel's withdrawl from the Gaza Strip in 2005, Désengagement. She flew in to Tel Aviv this week to appear in the film as a woman whose daughter who is among the eight thousand people who were resentfully evacuated from the Gaza Strip amidst a complex military operation.

The film is to be directed by Amos Gitai. It is expected that it will follow the Director's views that aren't shared by those who have settled in occupied territory, and act which is often viewed abroad as an illegal one. According to Reuters she said of her character in the film:

"She is an outsider. She goes there without judgement, only recognition of the complex situation

Gitai says that Binoche provides a counterpoint to some of his views of the occupation and withdrawl, and that's about all we hear on the film from them.

It's an interesting time that I previously saw explored in the documentary 5 Days (Filmstalker review) which was a pretty strong film in itself. I'm concerned though what a dramatic look to the period could bring, and if it's not going to come out as a one sided view of events.



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