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Blindness stars Craig and Moore

DanielCraig.jpgFor all the stick he receives, Daniel Craig is a clever man. Rather than settle in the Bond chair and rely on that for his career, he's diversifying at the same time and keeping it known that he's more than just a Bond actor. His latest role will be with Julianne Moore in the film Blindness which is based on the Nobel prize winning novel by Jose Saramago.

The story is about an epidemic of blindness that spreads through a city and brings the society within it to a standstill, the wife of a doctor remains the only one with vision but she feigns blindness in order to stay and care for her husband.

Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles is set to helm the film which is still awaiting a US distribution deal according to Reuters.

It's an interesting story, and as I say Craig is far from falling to the Bond curse that is so commonly touted. He keeps distancing himself with public comments and his film roles, something which I think is very clever for his long term career, if not always endearing him to the current Bond films. As an actor he does have to remember he's more than just Bond, sometimes I think fans forget that.



I doubt if Craig will be typecast like Brosnan before him. Brosnan was smart doing other roles outside of Bond and he did well. I just watched Brosnan's films recently at the same time that he was doing Bond and it just didnt click that, hey, isn't he James Bond too?

So yes, very smart move Craig! ;)

craig's a fine actor, and i think he will benefit from the leasons learnt by previous bond actors - roger moore, to my mind, didn't do that much memorable stuff beyond bond, connery managed to cash in on both having been bond and being oddly attractive as an older man, brosnan pumped his cash into a production company and plugged away at some interesting-but-commercial stuff at the same time. plus theres one big negative bond example - don't do what lazenby did! - and i like his incarnation of bond lots more than what have becomed too familiar with the other incarnations.


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