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Bone Dry trailers online, Goss and Henriksen

Desert.jpgThere's an interesting film that just caught my eye, Bone Dry, and there are a couple of trailers online, one is strong, the other is a bit weaker, but the framing and the camera work looks quite interesting, and it stars Luke Goss and Lance Henriksen.

The story is that a man is returning home to his family and is knocked out. He awakes lying in the middle of the desert with just a radio and a compass. On the other end is a man who says he'll kill him unless he keeps walking north. Slowly it's revealed who the hunter is and why he is causing this man such pain.

You can see the two trailers, the first one [MOV:22.7Mb] seems a very rough one from the Bone Dry site, the better one [MOV:9.9Mb] is from American World Pictures, and is much snappier.

Over at Twitch they have a much bigger write up of the story as well as multiple formats of the trailer you might want to look at.

I think that Goss is proving to be a bit handy at this acting malarky, and he does look good on screen. This will really be a big film for him as he's standing pretty bare as an actor and up against Henriksen. What do you think of the trailers?



Great trailer!

I think you should look into Luke Goss career before assuming what he has done. Luke's myspace lukegosssite The Man, One Night with the King, Blade II are just a few big name movies he has done.

No assuming at all, it's all there listed up on IMDB, I didn't say that this was going to be his first big film.

As I said this looks like a strong character piece where he's going to be put in a situation where he's focused solely on the performance. No props, few other actors, hugely emotional, no special effects or wads of face make up.


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