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Bourne Ultimatum shaky trailer online

TheBourneUltimatum.jpgThe trailer is online for The Bourne Ultimatum. So that means cameras handheld, turn to full zoom, and begin shaking.

That said the trailer doesn't seem to have too much of the shaking, but it does have plenty of the handheld and hard zooms.

It seems to promise more action and more of the angry, vengeful Bourne. So exactly what was strong about the first couple of films.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Embed:WMV] through JoBlo.

What do you think then? Are you a fan of the first two films, a fan of the shaky cam? Does this look like it could better the previous two?



This trailer is lacking something. More ooommmphhh!

Other than Matt Damon looking too young* for the role, the shaky camera work (particularly in the second film) was just about the ONLY thing I did not like about the previous Bourne movies. Fast Cuts and fancy editing do not equate to an exciting car chase in my book.

That aside, I am really looking forward to the third film.

(* Not that he is really, he was born in 1970.)

Hey Morbius, that's still young! (Guess who else was born then!)

I'm with you, I think they damaged a superb series of films with the over stylised filming.

Oh Richard dont give away your age now! Or mine! ;)

"Bourne ultimatum shaky" I want my money and my lunch back,Please Re-release the movie so normal people can watch it,not Squirrels on crack!

I saw the first two movies over the last few days on TV, and they are much more watchable on the smaller screen. Perhaps that's the way for the Ultimatum.


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