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Bousman to remake Children of the Corn?

DarrenLynnBousman.jpgAccording to reports this morning Darren Lynn Bousman is looking to remake the film Children of the Corn adapted from a Stephen King short story.

It's another rumour from a source at the moment, and these can be more miss than hit, but half the fun is just talking about them.

So not only have we heard he might be remaking Scanners, but he's set his eyes on the remake of the 1984 horror.

The film tells the story of how a small town in Nebraska is overpowered by strange forces and forces the children of the town to murder all the adults. Plot in a nutshell. The rumour comes from a source who talked to IESB.

Seems strange that he's taking on two remakes of classic horror, hopefully there's some more original material in there to pad them out. I'm not so sure about this one, the story is hardly as strong as Scanners, although it does have a little cult following and King is making quite the return to the silver screen at the moment, but I still don't see much mileage in this remake.

That said, they are remaking anything these days.

Update: IESB have fallen through on another rumour with Bousman saying on his own blog through Bloody Disgusting that he's not doing it, although a film is on the go in some very early stages, he's not helming it. He does say that the new Scanners take is superb though, and that Goyer is the man with great ideas for it.



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