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Branagh's Sleuth gets UK deal

JudeLaw.jpgShort but great news for the remake of Sleuth by Kenneth Branagh, it has been picked up for the UK and distribution is to be through Paramount.

The film is a remake of the original starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, their roles now played by Michael Caine and Jude Law respectively. It also marks the first new script from Harold Pinter in ten years, Anthony Shaffer wrote the original screenplay.

It's great news from Teletext, especially as filming as pretty recently completed on the film - that was pretty quet wasn't it?

I'm really excited to see this film, the original is really good and shouldn't be missed. Normally I'd be dead against the remake, but with Caine returning for the older role and Branagh behind the camera on a Pinter script, what is there to say now about? This has class dripping all over it.



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