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Brand Hauser aka War, Inc. trailer online

TheCusacks.jpgIf you're a fan of Grosse Pointe Blank then I think this film might just be right up your street. A trailer for John Cusack starrer Brand Hauser or War, Inc. is now online and it's looking superb.

It does have the same feel as Pointe Blank, with John and Joan Cusack seemingly reprising their characters from that film, and although the action is ramped up, the visuals, glib attitude, and comic one liners seem to be almost perfectly aligned to the Pointe Blank characters. No bad thing in my mind.

The film is going to tell the story of a hit man, played by Cusack, who is assigned to kill the competition of a former US President, played by Ben Kingsley, now running the desert state of Turagistan. While working the job and using the cover of running a trade show where a local pop star is to get married, played by Hilary Duff, he falls for a reporter played by Marisa Tomei.

Sounds a bit confusing, but at the same time a ramped up version of Pointe Blank. No bad thing though, that film was superb and the characters excellent, and if the Cusack's are returning to them here then I'm not complaining.

You can see the superb trailer over at MoviesOnline [Flash:Embed], and I can't wait for a high resolution trailer to come out.

What do you think of it? Do you feel the Pointe Blank similarities? Is that a good thing? What about the name change of the film from War, Inc. to Brand Hauser? Personally I prefer the War, Inc., it's much more catchy.

Interestingly it is co-written by John Cusack, but there the similarities end, none of the other Writers or the Director were involved in Pointe Blank. Perhaps that's what Cusack brought to the script?



Why am I having that very strong Grosse Point Blank feeling?


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