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Brett Ratner to direct Wolverine?

BrettRatner.jpgThe thought of Brett Ratner directing a superhero film isn't as terrifying now that X-Men: The Last Stand (Filmstalker review) has been seen, but then the thought that he might be directing the Wolverine spin off might fill some fans with dread.

During a write up of superhero films in development a writer for the Telegraph made a slip up and wrote that Brett Ratner was directing the Wolverine film next year. Now so far there's no word if that slip up was a mistake and he just associated the name from rumour, or if he actually has some inside knowledge and wasn't supposed to break it just yet.

I guess that the rumour breaking out on Cinematical and Comic Book Movie is expected because it is a good rumour to start discussing, but I'm wondering if it's more of a mistake than anything. If it was an unfortunate reveal they would have pulled the comment or made an official announcement to boot, or the reporter would have made more of it in the article.

Previously all we knew was that David Benioff was writing the script and Hugh Jackman was definitely onboard for the film with Ken Watanabe and Brian Cox rumoured. So could Ratner be directing, and if so would you want him to? Who else could direct this film?



I hope it is but a rumor. Ratner makes fun but unsubstantial films.

I thought Jackman still wanted Singer to do Wolverine?

I have to say after having seen the 3 X-Men films, I still would have preferred Singer's style of the direction of the franchise, I still think of how much better X3 would have been if Singer did it.


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