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Bridges plays villain in Iron Man

JeffBridges.jpgI've been pretty late bringing this news in, but it's good news and deserves a mention. Jeff Bridges has joined the heavyweight cast of Jon Favreau's Iron Man film as the main villain Obadiah Stane.

Bridges revealed he'd be playing the part but wouldn't reveal anything more about his role or about the story, wise choice.

This news from IGN through Jo Blo now shows us just how strong the cast actually is. We're looking at Robert Downey Jr., Gwyenth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and now Bridges. That certainly is a strong cast, could this be set to become a superhero film and franchise to rival Batman, Spiderman and Superman?



Actullay mate, Bridges will more than likely be a friend to Tony Stark in the first film. Manderin is set to be the primary bady. But look to see a double cross towards the end of the film, or if this is to be a 3 parter, Bridges character will certainly turn in the 2nd.

Well that shows you my Iron Man knowledge!

I take it he's like the dark side of Terrence Howard's character, both friends and one goes good and one goes bad?



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