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British love in French Film

RenaultAdvert.jpgThe British are taking on the French once again, but this time it's in love and on film. French Film is going to be about how our attitudes to love and relationships differ between the French and British.

First time Director Jackie Oudney is gaining a cast of some interesting names, from Variety:

Anne-Marie Duff ("The Magdalene Sisters"), Douglas Henshall ("Lawless Heart"), Victoria Hamilton ("Scoop") and former-soccer ace Eric Cantona...

Interesting indeed. What are the chances of Cantona reciting some love poetry?

I wonder if this has been sparked by the idea of that Renault advert? The one with the man and the woman debating the best things about their respective countries and coming to the conclusion that they are better together, a la the Renault itself.

It probably hasn't been, but that just sparked off a moment of recognition. Aschlin Ditta has written the screenplay, Ditta is most known for his script Scenes of a Sexual Nature.

The film is being financed and produced by Slingshot, their first film having just been completed, Sugarhouse, which stars Andy Serkis and Ashley Waters.



Anne-Marie Duff is James McAvoy's wife, and would be curious to see her act.


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