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Burton to receive lifetime achievement award

TimBurton.jpgTim Burton looks set to receive a lifetime achievement award...already, and he's only 49.

Burton is to be honoured with the Golden Lion Lifetime achievement award as well as receiving a Tim Burton Day at the 64th Venice Film Festival in Autumn. This is according to the organisers through The Hollywood Reporter. The day will take place on the fifth of September with a special surprise offering for the festival. The artistic director said:

"Tim Burton is a cinematic genius, the most imaginative child of the new age of cinema...He has a unique talent of being able to imbue his fantasies with emotional depth."

I can't help but think sometimes that this lifetime acheivement award can sometimes be cheeky. Part of it says that once you've won it you can't do any better, part of it suggests your career is over, but the majority of it is a huge accolade. I'm sure this won't be the end of Burton's career, or the last of his great films, I think we're still set for some classic films to come from the man.

Well done Burton. Which of his films would you class as his best? For me it's a very personal choice between Batman and Big Fish for so many different reasons.



And he's only done just over 20 films, a bit generous of them dont you think? Do we know anybody else has won this award? Take your time on that one Rich, ;)

Anyway, totally agree with Batman and Big Fish! What about his Planet of the Apes remake? ;)

Personally I think the majority of his movies are crap except for "Sleepy Hollows". Other than that they are all dog pooh!!

Richard: I agree with you're comments. I adore Burton and the article comment "... the most imaginative child of the new age of cinema..." for me is a great compliment.

Mike - I find it interesting that one of Burton's less liked films "Sleepy Hollow" is the one you feel isn't crap. Myself, I immensely like the film and have found myself on the minority side of that opinion. Hmm...well, that's all I wanted to say and it's nice to see someone else liked that film. :)

I never liked Sleepy Hollow, and it's bizarre, I just can never figure out why.

Meli, I havent seen Sleepy Hollow, but will you recommend it?


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