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Captivity gets MPAA free marketing

Captivity.jpgThere's all this controversy around just now about posters and punishment for the Roland Joffé film Captivity, and it's nothing but a marketing person's dream.

What the marketing company have managed to do for the film is perhaps ten times more than the cost of any standard poster campaign, and they're reaching a much larger audience. Considering that the film has already been recut and reshot to make it more terrifying you can expect that this fits in just perfectly. Perhaps the rework was done to match the campaign tone, or vice versa, regardless it's nothing but good news.

What's happened is that After Dark put up rather disturbing posters of Elisha Cuthbert pretending to be in various stages of abduction in the film Captivity - You can see these over at Bloody Disgusting. People objected and they were pulled. Next thing we know is that they had been released without MPAA approval and After Dark claimed that the wrong ones had been send to the printers. Now the film is being directly punished by the MPAA.

Announced the other day, the MPAA will delay the review of the film by about a month, and even then it won't get any priority scheduling. So the film might be delayed some before being released in the US.

Frankly that's not going to hurt the film at all, in fact the hype will help it. Perhaps this gives the Distributors the opportunity to release the film in other countries first.



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