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Carradine and Hopper in Forever with Shilpa Shetty!

ShilpaShetty.jpgWow, how's this for a casting story, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper and Edward Furlong? Carradine and Hopper together sound superb.

The film is Forever, a supernatural crime thriller (how many genre's can you get in a single listing?) which tells the story of a young woman who has visions which lead her to the case of a stolen Rembrandt painting. It seems she is the one to help solve the crime.

The story, according to the news from Moviehole, is based on an original screenplay by Camille Solari who is also set to star.

What's more surprising is that the recent UK Celebrity Big Brother reality show winner and actress in forty-eight Indian films, Shelpa Shetty is set to star. Well the film is set to start filming in India, so perhaps there really is a role for her. One thing's for sure, with Solari and Shetty on board, men everywhere are going to be interested in this film!



men everywhere are going to be interested in this film!

Is that you included too? :D

Damn straight!


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