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Carradine talks Kung Fu film

DavidCarradine.jpgDavid Carradine has been talking about the possible Kung Fu remake that has been discussed before in rumours. Apparently they are talking about bringing back the original pilot episode plot as a full length film, here's what Carradine had to say:

"I know there's talk at Warner Bros about doing a feature version of Kung Fu and they're talking about going back and telling the original pilot movie story over again with a young actor. It would have to be a young actor because he's studying up at the monastery. He starts out as child and a teenager."

Unfortunately I can't see the rest of the interview over at Suicide Girls since the site is classed as "Adult Content", look I'm reading the articles! Anyway the story through JoBlo says that the original rumour had the Producers quite firmly saying it wouldn't be effects heavy and there would be no Carradine return.

Previous stories in the topic are Kung Fu film gains directors and Kung Fu movie in development.

That, I cannot understand. He is the star of the original, and it's not like he's washed out, not at all, especially after seeing him in the Kill Bill films. I think he could return as a teacher or some form of advesary and it would be a great homage to the man.



Hehehe, my father would love this movie news!

Hehehe, my father would love this movie news!


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