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Carrey in Me Time and Ripley's Believe it or Not

JimCarrey.jpgWhat has happened to Jim Carrey? He's not having a good run of luck, but perhaps he's found a way to turn that around with news of his new role and the return of an old one.

Carrey is set to star in Me Time which tells the story of a house husband who is writing a book about his great-great grandmother, a woman who could afford no slaves and wrote a diary of her life raising her family and working her farm herself, and his character is adapting it to a novel. Apparently the project doesn't go well and he ends up having a bit of a crisis, and to top it all his wife gets pregnant and takes bed rest leaving him to get on with everything around the house.

The stories comes from Variety through Cinema Blend and quite frankly it sounds terrible. How this is expected to turn around his career fall I have no idea.

Still there's a chance of an old project coming back to life too. Ripley's Believe it or Not is apparently on the books again and Tim Burton is attached to direct with Carrey starring...again.

Could these projects turn it around for Carrey, or does he need something drastic to make you, the audience, stand up and take notice?



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