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Casino Royale DVD extras online

CasinoRoyale-AstonMartin.jpgThere's some behind the scenes footage online to show off what will be on the upcoming Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) DVD release, and some of it looks quite interesting.

There are nine clips online and they range from the free running stunt to the Aston Martin car crash and shooting in the Bahamas. All look quite interesting, but what I will be most hoping for on the release are multiple commentaries.

I want to hear the stars talking about the film, and then I want to hear the filmmakers on a separate track. Mind you some of these extras look really good, did you see that Martin roll? Wow.

You can see them all over at Yahoo Movies [Embed]. What do you want to see on the DVD?



What do you want to see on the DVD?

Ehr, Craig coming out of the water in slow motion. YAY!!!!


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