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Casting: Red Cliff, Jurassic Park IV, Ocean's Thirteen, Indiana Jones IV

NataliePortman.jpgA bunch of casting news. First up news that Tony Leung on The Battle of Red Cliff, Sam Neill on Jurassic Park IV, Bruce Willis on Ocean's Thirteen and Shia LeBeouf on Indiana Jones IV.

Tony Leung is being reported as leaving John Woo's epic The Battle of Red Cliff because he wants a break from acting. There's no real reason given, well actually there are a few over at Asianpopcorn, but nothing really concrete. I guess we'll have to wait and find out if this really is true, although it seems quite late in the day to be dropping out of the film.

Sam Neill has hinted that he won't be reprising his role in Jurassic Park IV. Talking to the LA Daily News he said that he knows nothing about it and hasn't hear from anyone regarding it. The story comes through Hot Movie News. Although he says that any reports that he is involved are false, it doesn't mean that this is the last word. The film is still in the early stages so there may still be time to go after the big name stars of the previous films. Then again they could be rebooting the franchise with some new actors.

Bruce Willis is being reported as appearing in a cameo in Ocean's Thirteen. MT-you don't live in the US so you can't see anything we have-V quote Bernie Mac as saying:

"Bruce Willis is in this one too..."

Well that's proof enough, he couldn't have said it any clearer could he? The story comes through Aceshowbiz. Chances are, like the second film, he'll appear as himself in a short walk on part.

Shia LeBeouf is being rumoured to be in negotiations to play Indy's son in Indiana Jones IV and taking over the role that was once River Pheonix's. Nobody is really saying either way if he's in or out, but the word is that he's so close to signing you can taste it. The story comes from IESB. Oh, and I read somewhere that George Lucas said Natalie Portman is not in the film.



Good news that Lucas won't be able to turn Portman into a wooden puppet again. ;->

But River Phoenix played the role of the young Indiana Jones, so Shia LeBouf's playing Indiana Jones son is a different thing completely.

Oh poo, you're right and I've made a mistake! Bums.

Although saying that Richard, after I made that post I thought to myself, but Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones was a Junior, as Sean Connery was Indiana Jones Senior, so all this about LeBouf can be just as confusing, and you may just be right too! ;)


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