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Cate Blanchett signs for Indiana Jones IV

CateBlanchett.jpgWhile all the rumours were racing about someone just sneaked onto the set of Indiana Jones IV. The old Hollywood gorgeous and stunningly good actress Cate Blanchett has signed up for the project, hugely elevating the calibre of talent on the project.

Yes, I did mean to say that. Nobody knows what part she is playing, but according to The Hollywood Reporter it's a starring role.

I'm actually stunned by this announcement, it totally takes me by surprise and says one of either two things. Blanchett is doing this for the fun or money, or the script is so blisteringly good that she wants to do it. I hope it's the latter.



Oh yes!!! Blanchett and Ford together? This is great!!!

All of a sudden my excitement level for Indy 4 has gone up to an all-time high!

Great casting choice. But you better be right. I just bought 8000 shares of Cate Blanchett at the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

I have a good feeling about this...

Cute, very cute Peter!

I just posted the news this morning the minute I found out. Awesome news. This is still the most anticipated movie of my life!

I still can't believe they're actually making this movie...I'm still a scared to get my hopes up, but if Cate is signed on then I'm a little more apt to believe. She's a fantastic talent and I could totally see her in the Indy universe.


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