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C'était un rendez-vous in full Quicktime glory

CetaitunRendezvous.jpgThere's a classic cult film from 1976 called C'était un rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch which tells the story of a Frenchman driving across Paris to get to his date. Doesn't sound that exciting does it? Well add in the fact that it's a high speed camera mounted to the front of a speeding car, racing through the streets at speeds of over 200km/h or 120mph and perhaps now you'll be raising an eyebrow.

I've heard about the film loads before and only seen a few glimpses. I've restrained myself from watching the poor flash type copies on the net, but now I've just seen the full thing in all its Quicktime glory, and it's amazing.

There's been much touted about this film through the years, that perhaps there was an F1 driver racing the Ferrari through the streets, people have guessed at the type of Ferrari from the engine noise and calculated the speeds at which he was driving by the film, but an inverview with Lelouch reveals the truth.

He raced his own Mercedes reaching, at one point, a maximum speed of 220km/h or 136.7mph, and overdubbed the sound of a Ferrari to make it even more impressive. There was an assistant near the Louvre for the dangerous junction who was to radio to tell them about the other traffic, but the radio failed and they had to go it alone.

The camera was a gyro stablised camera which had remote controls for the operators inside the vehicle, despite the one take everything went okay and nobody was hurt. That's an amazing thing when you consider some of the near misses watching the video.

You just couldn't do that today...and so over at Smidgy they have the complete embedded Quicktime film, as well as a YouTube interview with the man himself, all in French.

If you like speed (and I know I do) then you should watch this video. Stunning.



That was wicked-cool. I can't believe I've never seen that before. Thanks for the heads-up!

A couple fo those red lights had me gritting my teeth fairly tight.

I know, they had me freaked out! I was willing the car to make it through.

There's also one pedestrian who was stunningly close, and few moving vehicles including a dump truck that's almost too close for comfort.


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