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Chan and Li film casting updates

JackieChan.jpgThere's more news today on the film that brings the epic match of Jet Li and Jackie Chan together on screen. the J&J Project, as it has been labelled while we await a title, is rumoured to have Li Bingbing join the cast.

Rob Minkoff is also rumoured to be directing, and if that is the case then it might suggest what the film is going to look like and what direction it might take. So here's the possibly disappointing news, his IMDB list has such titles as The Lion King and The Haunted Mansion, Disney films indeed.

However the rest of the update sounds promising. Kung Fu Cinema have the updates about the project, some from the Shanghai Morning Post:

A screenplay by John Fusco (HILDAGO, YOUNG GUNS) works a fantasy twist on the literary classic JOURNEY TO THE WEST and deals with a kung fu master in modern times who accidently travels back to ancient China where he encounters the Monkey King.

Li Bingbing is one of several actresses being recommended by the film's only mainland Chinese investor, Huayi Brothers. A second leading female role has reportedly gone to Liu Yifei, a TV actress who has starred in several recent wuxia series including DEMI-GODS AND SEMI-DEVILS and THE RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES...

...most of the film will involved action scenes. That's good news as they will be choreographed Yuen Wo-ping.

Okay, so the thoughts of a nice Disney animation are out the window I think, and we are looking at an action heavy martial arts film. What happened to these two retiring? I'm glad they haven't, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this film in development.



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