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Cinema Adverts - What are the best and worst?

Cameo-Screen1.jpgThere's a part of the cinema experience that is often overlooked, a part that we may complain about whenever we head to see a film, and yet can often provide an interesting, entertaining and insightful moment before the film. I am of course talking about the adverts, or commercials if you will.

Some of them can be visually stunning, some hilarious, and some just downright annoying. Either way they are doing their job, but which do you find the best and worst?

Before a film, and even the trailers, you have to sit through the dreaded adverts (or commercials). Once this wasn't too bad because there wasn't that many, but now there's much more to contend with and for a while it was mind numbing.

The adverts would be straight copies of the television ones, or extremely cheap adverts for the local stores. They were a pain to sit through and you would rather try turning up late to avoid them, but then you might miss getting a decent seat.

However something has happened, and for the UK it has definitely been since the introduction of the Orange adverts. Companies and the marketing people they hire have taken the advertising up a notch and we're seeing some superb adverts on the big screen. Visually exciting, dramatic even, and some very funny ones.

So in a break from the serious features that we've been discussing, let's look before the film to the cinema adverts (commercials), and see what you think are the best and worst.

I love the Orange adverts. For those of you who haven't seen them they are hilarious, here's the setup. A big star comes to the Orange Film Production board to pitch their film, usually it's something dramatic. The Orange board pretend to listen and understand and then just rip the entire story apart to fit in something about mobile phones, you see that's what they sell.

They've used stars such as Patrick Swayze, Darth Vader, Spike Lee, and there's always some incredible one liners. Recently they've taken the concept out to the actors on set, and it's equally funny to see them up against Michael Madsen.

Sky Sports have produced some visually wonderful trailers to show off Sports in HD. The skateboarder flying over the incredibly huge jumps is fantastic, or the slow motion cricket. Combined with the music they produce something much more cinematic.

Here are a few of the adverts mentioned so far, just in case you haven't seen them:

Sky Sports Skateboarding
(Note that it takes a few moments before it starts to play)

Orange and Patrick Swayze

Orange and Steven Seagal

Orange and Darth Vader

Orange and Michael Madsen

The Discovery Channel have come up with a couple of great ones too. The gazelle or buck racing across the plains being filmed in slow motion from a helicopter. Then there's the stunning advert which starts off with the lovely birds standing by a pool, one approaches slowly and drinks a little water, the music is soft jazz, and then in a leap inducing moment, a crocodile bursts from the water and grabs the bird in its mouth. Yet the camera remains on the bird, trapped in its jaws and slowly being dragged under the water, and while that music plays there's a final horrifying moment as the water hits the bird's eye and it blinks, trapped in the jaws of the crocodile and still alive.

Now I am aware that you'll have different adverts from different countries so spend a moment describing them too, or better still link to any footage you can find of them. It would also be interesting to hear how long you have to

So what are your favourite cinema adverts (commercials), and what are the ones you hate to see? Do you hate them entirely, and just keep turning up late?



Like Richard I also love and look forward to the Orange adverts, because it doubles up as entertainment (I love all those you put up there but you forgot to mention that one with John Cleese which I also like) and also serves as a reminder to switch phones off just before the film begins.

Orange comes up with really good adverts and two that stands out is their If you have something to say, say it with this Brazilian cleaner guy Ramon who just decides to dance whilst cleaning the grounds and he became a hit in his native country, a message that also says, use your phone, send a message, use Orange! And then there is the Good things happen when your phone is off showing us the New York blackout and how things looked different all of a sudden to someone who has lived in NY 10 years but has never seen NY this way before- I thought it was very heartfelt and poignant. Then they segue in the advert to remind you to switch off your phone, clever indeed.

If Orange is reading this post, you might want to advertise in Filmstalker too! ;)

The advert that annoys me is the one featured in the Odeon cinemas. The advert is for Odeon and features people who happen to be (or end up) on their own. At the end of the advert we find out that everyone seems to be at Odeon watching a film (its to do with some offer they do). I see it every time and it is so silly and I feel like fast forwarding it, but I can't :(

Does anyone know which advert I'm on about and agree? :P

Hey Billy, the last time I was in Odeon (Leicester Square) was to watch the opening of Revenge of the Sith in 2005. Havent been to other cinemas as well that might have their own adverts because I have an unlimited card to use at Cineworld.

I know the advert. It's where you see the old woman playing bridge and no one else around, the kid turning round after counting in hide and seek and everyone's gone, and so on.

I can see what they are trying to do with it, but it is totally silly. It ends with the bit showing two senior citizens drinking tea and having biscuits and reveals that the Odean do a deal where you get just that in the cinema!

These are great. We never get anything like this at the theaters I go to. we have your basic Coke and car commercials. Basically nothing good.

I'll start watching today for commercials and come back with anything particularly good or bad. I can't rmember because I usually try to mentally block them out.

By the way, it's illegal to show commercials past the scheduled start time of the film. There's a web site out there (somewhere) where you can report theaters that break this rule. Since finding this out I've noticed that the commercials DO stop playing right at the scheduled start time. Trailers come on, but no commercials.

There's one that made me laugh so much....

Rolling Scottish Glens, Loch in the background.

Up over a hill walks a lone person, wearing a fur hat. Says nothing, walks past the camera. Stops, returns, comes back into shot and looks at the camera.

In an American accent: "When I told my folks I was going to Auchtermuchty they said "Where the fox hat"". Miller Pilsner

I'm sure it played in or played out to the classic Pearl & Dean music (which makes the ads!)

Oh, and some sad fox comaplained about it when it [eventually] made it to the small screen:

WEAR the fox hat, WEAR the fox hat. I have daily sex. No I don't, I have dyslexia (anag.)

The orange adverts were great for ages when they used to update them all the time. When i was last in the uk they hadn't been updated for a while and were starting to get annoying.

That skateboarding ad makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, every time.

As for annoying ones? well here in oz it appears any b$gger can make an ad. eg:

"this week at "John's Rugs a Rip Off" we are having a 1million percent off sale. Come on down and buy a $1million rug for only $100. And thats a guarentee because my name is also John."

Has no one seen the annoying ads which are actually short films made from The Sims? The are so awful you can sense how uncomfortable the audience are, and afterwards they just don't know what to make of it all.

:) i saw some of the new phone adverts the ones with the headphones with the music playing and was wonder is anyone knows where i can find out the music they are playing because one of them was very interesting :)

You could try either of the following to search for it - commercialbreaksandbeats or musicfromadverts.

I can't personally remember who the ad is for, but I think I know the one. Let us know if you find it.


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