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Cinema China Film Festival tours UK

I am kicking myself because I've missed three festivals in Scotland this year that I was trying to attend. Two because of work and one because of a mess up in communication. One I missed that annoyed me was Cinema China. However it's now on the road throughout the UK so you could still see it.

I have right here a list of places that the festival will be visiting with a selection of the films that were shown at the Edinburgh Festival:

Bradford Pictureville, Bristol Arnolfini, Bristol Watershed, Cambridge Arts Picture House, London Curzon Soho, London Curzon Mayfair, London Curzon Renoir, Manchester Cornerhouse, Newcastle Tyneside Cinema, Oxford Phoenix, Richmond Filmhouse, Sheffield Showroom, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Cardiff Chapter Cinema, Wales Wow! Festival (Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Powys), Dublin Ifi

For the list of dates and contact details have a look at the Cinema China venue list, the films range from the 1934 film Goddess all the way to the recent Curse of the Golden Flower. Well worth looking into.



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