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Clips 'n' Pics: Dead Silence and Hostel 2

HostelPartII.jpgClips from Dead Silence, the new horror film from the Saw team, and some pictures from Hostel: Part II. Terrifying...well, one set is.

I have to say the Dead Silence stuff continues to look ridiculous to me, perhaps there will be something more to it that I haven't seen yet, but so far it's not doing anything for me, you can see the clips right here.

However, what doesn't look daft is Hostel: Part II, and there are some new photos for the film over at BlairWitch.de through HorrorMovies.ca, and two look pretty darn scary.

From what we've seen so far I'm really concerned that this Hostel will blow the previous one out of the water, and that means I'm going to be in a cinema scared out of my wits again. This time I hope I'm not the only one in there!

Update: Tell you what, I'll actually include the clips of Dead Silence in the story as well, shall I? Sorry...I really need my bed.



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