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Clip's n Pic's: Hostel: Part II, Captivity, Martian Child, Eagle vs Shark

HostelPartII_Poster.jpgThere are a number of trailers and clips online today, some of which I'll just bundle together, and there's one poster which is worth showing. I'm not usually a big poster poster (if you get my drift) but this one is releveant to a story I wrote yesterday. We have what looks like an official poster for the Elisha Cuthbert film Captivity, a Hostel: Part II clip, six clips for Reign Over Me and trailers for The Martian Child and Eagle vs Shark.

The poster for Captivity follows the withdrawl of the advertising campaign that caused controversy in LA the other day with upsetting images being shown of Cuthbert in distress. Well excuse me if this one doesn't look slightly distressing too. You can see the image right here. What do you think? I'd say that's just as strong, although I'm not sure if it's one of those banned or not, but hardly anything to get upset about. It's only a film.

There's a short Hostel: Part II clip online, and it looks pretty rough and unexciting. Sure it features a woman being kissed on the back by another woman while they are in the hot spas, but other than that it's a bit of a chase sequence. I'm really looking forward to this film and I really have a big hope that Roth is going to scare me to death. You can see the clip over at MyMarketingSpace [Flash:Embed] through AITH.

The trailer for John Cusack's film Martian Child is online at Moviefone through Movie List Forums, and because I'm not in the US I can't see it. Still, it doesn't mean I have to take away from those that are. Luckily though, I've just found this direct link [MOV] which might allow you to see it. So can you please head over, watch it, and give us a mini review of what it looks like?

Over at IESB they have six clips from the Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler starrer Reign Over Me which l think looks pretty strong and might show us that there's lot's more to Sandler than meets the eye. I'm keen to see this and discover just how much there is behind the comedy.

The trailer for Eagle vs Shark looks rather odd, but I had to include it for the hilarious closing line of the trailer. I'm not kidding, it's one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. Perhaps it's just my sense of humour, but I love that kind of joke. The rest of the film looks quite odd about two nerds falling in love, and perhaps not something that would normally interest me. You can see it over at Apple Trailers [QT].



I still don't see a problem with that Captivity poster, there are far more disturbing ads you can see posted on billboards nowadays. Talk about hypocrisy.

As for the Martian Child trailer it kinda has this feeling of between Cusack and this young kid 'finding each other'. Looks a bit cheesy but heck, Cusack is there si count me in!

This is not related to the post on Reign Over Me but Pearl Jam is singing the movie's theme Love, Reign O'er Me, just received the vinyl from Ten Club.

Eagle vs Shark doesnt look bad either, it played in Sundance so might be worth a look!


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