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Colour Me Kubrick (Color Me Kubrick) trailer online

JohnMalkovich.jpgI loved Color Me Kubrick (Filmstalker review), and thought that is was one of John Malkovich's best performances, honestly it's utterly hilarious and Malkovich just seems to revel in it.

The film has seen a release in major territories already, but on the 23rd of March it will see a limited release in the USA, which I think is a shame, but maybe it's a tester to see if it does enough to receive a full release. With that in mind all you US folk have a look at this trailer and then read my review above, then go and see the film and persuade them to do a full release.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:L:iPod].

Unfortunately the scenes of him going to the launderette to the tune of 2001 aren't in it...oh, you will laugh. This is my kind of humour.



How come I dont rememeber this film being released yet?

Yeah its a great movie and malkovitch is very good.

Saku39 the French man :D


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