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Constantine 2 takes huge budget cut

Constantine.jpgThe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been talking about his projects loads recently, and today is no exception. He has been discussing now to bring G.I. Joe to the big screen, but more importantly he's talking Constantine 2, and it's quite worrying.

First off G.I. Joe. He has admitted that bringing the comic series to the big screen is going to be difficult, mainly because in the comics the evil group Cobra are, well, as he says they "look hokey". Right now they are working on a way to bring the group to the big screen without making Cobra look goofy.

That's fine, but the news that could be construed as bad is for Constantine 2, and IESB through Comics2Film and Comic Book Movie have the comments.

Despite the mention that Keanu Reeves does want to return to the film, and the promise that this will be much darker than the first, he does say that it will be half the budget of the first, quite literally.

Now that's where my disappointment pops in, because the first film was great visually, the effects were superb, and we had not only Reeves but Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare. Now we could go without Weisz and Swinton in the sequel, but not Stormare, and he's really picking up his profile lately. Could the cast prove to be too expensive for the film to go forward and still have great effects?

I'd love to see a Constantine (Filmstalker review) sequel, but it has to be on a par with the quality of the first.



Maybe the budget cut is to concentrate on the story and make the film more about the characters?

I really enjoyed the first film, they will need to develop the characters quite some to make the second a goody.

I completely agree. I'd love to see a second installment but the budget talks are a little disheartening.


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