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Craig complains about Bond nudity

DanielCraig.jpgDaniel Craig is being reported as saying that he doesn't want to appear naked in the next Bond film, and you can understand why. The poor guy has received some serious attention on that scene where he walks out of the water, and not enough on his actual acting and portrayal of the character.

According to Digital Spy, which I've seen somewhere else too, the Daily Express UK paper has captured one of these sources. They've gone onto say that he was uncomfortable with the scene originally, but he realised why the scene should be there. Now though, he wants to keep that to a minimum, if at all.

I get this, I mean I hate showing off my perfect physique all the time. Women are always fawning over me to see my body, and I hate it...Okay, sarcasm over, I can understand why he's a bit miffed at where all the attention is heading in the first Bond film, but don't get hung up on it Craig, that's how it has gone for a lot of the Bond's. Just live with it and give another blistering performance in the next film, and if showing off your chest gets some more people paying their way, well isn't that a good thing?



I totally think this concern of his is a good thing, and even better being public, so that he can get the support of people like ourselves, which I'd like to think the studios 'do' notice.

I mean the few less film-oriented people and a couple of Bond fans had said this to me - it stood out as plain unnecessary. Girls going all ga-ga isn't the primary goal of a film after all .. or is it these days?

I think the scene might have been there to try and attract a more female audience to the Bond franchise, they were after all trying to broaden it from just Bond fans.

Totally agree though, it wasn't needed for the film, but you could see the studio doing it to get that female pull, bolster audience figures for this film, and hopefully reign them in for the series.

Just live with it and give another blistering performance in the next film, and if showing off your chest gets some more people paying their way, well isn't that a good thing?

HAHAHAHA I so love Richard's humour.

I didnt go to see Casino Royale 4 times to wait for that scene when Bond comes out of the water, it was distracting yes but I just loved the whole film and not just that scene. Please believe me! :)

he is making a big deal out of nothing. For years attractive female leads have been expected to show some flesh to "add" to a movie.

In recent years the shoe has been moved over and we hear a man saying he just wants to act, blah blah.

Some may say he really liked doing the scene and is trying to draw more focus on himself? I say, just get on with it you big girls blouse and stop being such a woosey.

I have to admit that I find Craig extremely good looking, but it's certainly not why I went to see CR. Him showing a little skin was simply an added bonus. hehe ;)

Simone winking back to Meli*


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