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Crowe to develop Bra Boys film

RussellCrowe.jpgRussell Crowe is set to direct his first film about the Bra Boys. A strange title indeed it is a fact based drama that looks into what is described as a counterculture movement in a surf community in Australia. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what they mean by that either!

Here's what Wikipedia have to say about them:

The Bra Boys are an Australian gang centered on the Sydney suburb of Maroubra. The group is named after their suburb "Marou-BRA" and not the Board Riders Association (BRA) as some people[attribution needed] may think. Members of the group often tattoo "Bra Boys", "My Brother's Keeper" and Maroubra's post code "2035" on their backs.

According to Variety the film is being based on a documentary called Bra Boys which looked at the three brothers who began the underground surfer movement in Maroubra, Sydney. I could make a joke about surfing underground but these guys look big and scary.

Crowe actually narrated on the documentary by Sunny Abberton and Macario De Souza which starred the Abberton brothers. Here's the official site of that film where they have a trailer [QT:S:M:L].

Now Universal have picked up the story to make a drama out of it, and Crowe will direct with the much in demand and strong scriptwriting talents of Stuart Beattie. They'll also draw some inspiration from a non-fiction book about the gang that's being written.

Sounds like a great move for Crowe, and he's doing something very positive by helping highlight social issues from his home country using his star presence. You've got to wonder sometimes how much of his bad boy status is a persona for Hollywood.



Have great admiration for Russell Crowe and here's another actor who's had his share of criticism being tagged with that bad boy persona, but what he really owes his audience is a good performance. I wouldn't have sat through Ridley Scott's A Good Year had it not been for Crowe.

I live in the next suburb up from Maroubra and I can't say that I've ever heard much if anything about the Bra Boys (stupid bloody name, too, makes them sound like women's undergarment fetishists) that was particularly positive. I find it kind of interesting that it's one of the Abberton brothers, too, who's made this film. I haven't seen it, admittedly, because I don't have any particular desire to give the Bra Boys my money, but pretty much anything I read about the film suggests it's a whitewash exercise. At the end of the day they're still just a gang.

I'm still not a hundred percent sure what uncle Russell's interest in the story is (cos if he's now making a fiction version of it he must have some abiding reason for doing so), cos it's not like he has much connection with this area otherwise (apart from owning a chunk of the South Sydney Rabbitohs) that I know of and I don't know if he was ever a surfie, and I can't imagine why people outside the southeast and/or outside the surfing community would particularly give a damn about the Bra Boys. Mind you, obviously this film is changing things for them if they've been heard about in Hollywood...


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