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Cruise in Singer's Hitler assassination film

TomCruise.jpgTom Cruise is the first to head for Bryan Singer's World War II film, and this marks another great decision in Cruise's career as far as I can see.

Cruise is really downgrading his roles, no offence to the film or to that of Singer, but it's clear that Cruise is aiming less for the huge budget mega films and concentrating more on the storytelling smaller films, films that will see a strong performance from him and develop character and acting more than the big name event films he's been doing. A very strong move at a time he most needs to do it.

Apparently it was Singer who asked Cruise on board, rather than the first conclusion most would leap to, that he put himself in the role since UA were behind the film. Chris McQuarrie wrote the script with Nathan Alexander and the Cruise and Paula Wagner recently resurrected United Artists label is carrying the film. Through Variety Wagner said of the film:

"After reading the script, Tom and I knew immediately that this was a film we had to make," Wagner said. "As an added bonus, because of Bryan Singer's involvement and Tom's admiration for him as a filmmaker as well as the excellence of the script, the project attracted Tom as an actor. I cannot think of a more perfect combination of creative elements for our second production."

The film is actually based on true events, where at the height of the war German Generals create a plan to assassinate their leader Adolf Hitler.

Sounds an interesting film, and I've heard the story before in terms of the actual events. I love Singer as a director, and although this might make me slightly unpopular with everyone, I love Cruise as an actor. If you look to some of his more obscure roles he's pulled out some excellent performances, it's when he's in the big budget blockbusters that we see him "coast" and become Cruise. This project looks set to pull out a stronger performance from him don't you think?



Let me be the first to say well done Tom! Will be SO looking forward to this.

Oh God No!!!Oh The Humanity!!This Train Wreck of An Actor Wants To Make A New Movie???

I think this is great news for Tom. I had mentioned that the only way he could revive his career was by taking smaller less bang more buck roles and this one sounds like it fits the description.

I'm interested simply because he's attached.

Don't let anyone scream at you that Cruise is a bad actor, because he's not. In fact, he's the actor that appears most in my top 100 films of all time. He's even been nominated for an Oscar before.

Born on the Fourth of July
Vanilla Sky
Jerry Maguire

all excellent films in which he was portrayed and acted very well in. So I can see this going down well.

Don't forget Interview with the Vampire Drewbacca, he was awesome in that too.

Tom Cruise, one of my favourite actors working today and with this and Robert Redford's flick... he may find himself his first Oscar win?

Drew, Matt, Marina: I am so glad I am in good company.

Actually that includes you too Rich! ;)

Thanks Simone.

I'm not sure about the Oscar win just yet Matt, but I can definitely see him redeeming himself in the eyes of Hollywood. Come a year or two with projects like this and I think he could well do.


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