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Damon and Raimi in Brødre remake?

MattDamon.jpgMatt Damon may be signing up to work for Sam Raimi in a film called Brothers should the studio have their way. The film is a remake based on a Danish film by Susanne Bier called Brødre (Brothers) which won awards and accolades galore and was only made in 2004.

The original story is about two brothers. One, Michael, has life totally under control with a successful military career, a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. The other, Jannik, is a bit of a drifter and spare part, scraping with the law at regular intervals.

Michael is sent to Afghanistan and word comes back that he is missing in action. Jannik steps up to be the supporter and provider for the family, and slowly a relationship develops between Michael's wife Sarah and Jannik. Of course it's then that Michael is discovered and returns home, traumatised after being held captive in the Afghan mountains.

It sounds an excellent story, and it looks like Damon would be well suited for the role of Michael, if the rumour from IESB turns out to be true.

I have some reservations about Damon though, could he dig deep enough to play the character once he returns from Afghanistan? Then there's the question of who you would pick for Jannik?

Raimi being eyed to direct is a more unusual choice, and looks back to his more character orientated films, which is excellent for his CV and could provide for some excellent looks into the darker aspects of people's psyche.

I think this is one to add to the rental queue before it gets remade though.



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