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Dark Knight plot and casting rumours

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgThere's a couple of The Dark Knight rumours going around regarding casting and the plot line. Two totally unlikely names are apparently going to receive small roles in the film and the plot of the film could well be based on a famous Joker comic.

The Joker's Five-Way Revenge! is the comic in question that may well be the basis for the film plot. The story sees The Joker, having recently escaped from the state hospital for the criminally insance once again, hunting down members of his old gang after one of them betrayed him to the Police.

Unlike Comic Book Movie who carry the batmanonfilm I won't give away the entire plot of the comic, suffice to say Batman is trying to stop him from killing every one of his henchmen.

What do you think, a good plot for the first appearance of The Joker?

The other rumour regards casting, albeit small possibly cameo roles. Batman on Film has the rumour carried through Hot Movie News that James Gandolfini and Stacey Ferguson, aka Fergie, are both to receive bit parts in the film. Well why not?

I'm more into the plot line rumour, and just how well it seems to fit.



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