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Day Night Day Night suicide bomber trailer

DayNightDayNight.jpgThere's an extremely powerful trailer online for a film called Day Night Day Night which takes the audience into the heart of a story of a suicide bomber training for the moment they unleash themselves on the unsuspecting public.

The film is described as a harrowing and claustrophobic thriller which follows a woman being trained for her final act. The film shows her final preparations, her being fitted with explosives, and then heading off to Times Square to complete her mission. Here's some further description of the film from Video Detective who host the trailer [WMV:Stream].

Loktev strips away much of the external exposition, never revealing the central character's name, ethnicity, religious affiliation or political background. The director thus forces the audience to focus, exclusively and unrelentingly, on the nature of the character's actions, and underscores the idea that terrorist motivations are, on some level, completely inconceivable to an outsider. Ironically, instead of turning the central character into a cipher and thus distancing her from the viewer, the film's stripped exposition terrifyingly draws the audience closer to the character.

Sounds incredible, and from the looks of the trailer it manages to do what the blurb above says. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this to see if I can catch a screening or screener somewhere.

It is written and directed by Julia Loktev and stars Luisa Williams who is receiving a lot of praise for her performance.



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