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DeMonaco's Kill Pit starring Leguizamo

JohnLeguizamo.jpgI don't normally talk about TV shows, but a side story about Ethan Hawke's starring role in James DeMonaco's Staten Island caught my eye and had me interested. Demonaco is making an eight hour series called The Kill Pit, which seems to be a real time robbery turned hostage drama.

In 24 style it is an eight hour series showing the events of an eight hour seige, I'd say that's real time. It shows the story of a robbery of a bank gone wrong, with a team of American Iraqi War veterans taking more than a dozen hostages while the bank is surrounded.

According to Production Weekly, during the series we'll see...

"...the escalating action as the volatile soldiers plot their way out, the negotiator anticipates their moves and the hostages desperately try to survive. Time is critical and the game intensifies with surprising twists at every turn."

John Leguizamo will play the leader of the robbers, Donnie Wahlberg is also set to star. Steve Shill is set to direct the first four episodes.

This sounds really interesting, and with a strong cast as well. Now I just have to wait for it to appear on UK TV, if we're lucky. If you're sitting there thinking this doesn't sound that great, have a look at what DeMonaco has already written, The Negotiator and the Assault on Precinct 13 remake, both excellent films and both have strong elements to combine for the series.



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