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Depp leaves Burton's Sweeny Todd

JohnnyDepp.jpgThe recent illness of Johnny Depp's daughter has had a knock on effect in the film industry. Reports are that Depp has left the Tim Burton production of Sweeny Todd in order to spend time with his daughter who is recovering from a quite serious illness.

Since his daughter was admitted to hospital at the end of February he has been off the set and by her side, quite rightly so too. Filmstalker and I'm sure the readers certainly do pass on their best wishes and hopes for her.

However that has also meant production getting a little difficult, and word has it that if he doesn't return soon then they'll have to think about delaying production.

According to the Daily Mirror paper through Contact Music and /Film that means the entire production staff losing their jobs for the meantime and when she gets better and Depp returns they'll re-hire everyone.

As /Film rightly point out, the Mirror is more magazine than news so keep that in mind when you're taking the story for truth. That said his daughter has been very ill and like any parent he'll want to focus on her and not his work.



I'm glad that Johnny knows where his priorities lie, he's on top of the world and he can afford to take time out if needs be.

Hope his daughter recovers well enough too.

She's so young I can't imagine what he and her mother are going through. I do hope she returns to perfect health soon.


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