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Did Saw get copied from Den?

SawIII.jpgThe makers of Saw look set for some legal action from a man who claims to have made the film before they did, and is suggesting that they might have stolen the idea from his film Den.

Greg Acre is the maker of the film Den and is the man claiming that the Saw series took too many ideas from his film.

He gives an interesting online interview in which he talks about the similarities. You can read the whole interview over at panel2panel through AITH and see the seventeen point long comparison.

I have to say that some of the connections are a bit of a stretch, for example:

One of the main characters is a doctor in Saw...in Den we have a psychotherapist...
...and in both the characters have a secret that deals with infidelity...
...We have a tub of water next to one of our captives in Den… in Saw there is a bathtub next to one of the captives.

Okay, but that said there are some extremely close ones:

...the main scene that wraps the whole movie is the two victims chained up so that they can't reach each other...
...The main story of Saw has two men tied to chains who wake up in a strange place… In Den the captives also wake up in a strange place and are tied in chains...
...In DEN, the killer picks people he believes have some immoral secrets or past… Same is true of the killer in SAW....
...In DEN, the killer tries to make the captives make decisions that will require someone else to die…same is true in SAW...
...There is a key scene in SAW where the killer says, “Make a choice” and this line is used in the trailer… we have a similar scene in DEN with the same line repeated over and over...

Make up your own mind after you read the list, and you can see the trailer over at the official site for the film. From the trailer alone there's some connection.

What do you think after you've read it? I'd like to see the full film to make up my mind, but going by the list it does look pretty similar.



I am never one to get involved in this kinda thing but i gotta say its definitely VERY similar.


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