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Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch) trailer online

DayWatch.jpgI've been eagerly awaiting the release of Dnevnoi Dozor or Day Watch, and now there's a new trailer online to ramp up the anticipation.

This is the follow up to the excellent Russian film Nochnoy dozor or Night Watch (Filmstalker review) adapated and directed by Timur Bekmambetov from the Russian trilogy of novels by Sergei Lukyanenko.

The third in the trilogy is coming, but for now I have a link to the trailer for Day Watch, and although it doesn't look quite as powerful and stylish as the first, it does still look superb with some effects that rival Hollywood.

You can see the latest Day Watch trailer over at Movie-List Forums [QT].

The sequel to Night Watch has Anton fighting the forces of darkness while trying to rescue his son. Except he now has the Day Watch after him as well as he is being framed for murdering vampires belonging to the dark side. He puts the rescuing of his son on hold merely to stay alive.

I think it looks cracking, and I have high hopes. I had read somewhere that the third film in this Russian trilogy was to be filmed in English and with some US actors...while I think it's great that Bekmambetov is moving into Hollywood and that he's directing the first class graphic novel Wanted, but I am concerned if he's breaking from the previous two films and Westernising the final film.

I want to see the Russian trilogy remain intact, made in Russia and in Russian, and free from any US influence. Will it happen though? How will the excellent Wanted starring James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman turn out, and what are your expectations for Day Watch?

The trailer has appeared over at Apple in Quicktime, and in HD right up to 1080p. Enjoy the RX7 racing across the building.



I am looking forward to this sooo much. The trailer doesn't look as, dark, as the first, but it does look good, and looks like they had a much bigger visual affects budget this time.

I too hope the third in the trilogy remains in Russia and free of US influence that will change things just to make its profits bigger.


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