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Dougray Scott chases Hitman

DougrayScott.jpgWelcome back Dougray Scott, I thought we'd lost you to Orange and TV for life, not so as the news is that Scott is set to appear as the baddie (which he plays so well) in Hitman, chasing down Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47.

Luc Besson is the one that spilled the beans and made the announcement, Besson is producing with Xavier Gans directing from the screenplay of Skip Woods. The announcement comes through IGN.

The story is based on the popular videogame franchise which tells of a secret project to genetically engineered the ultimate soldiers. Agent 47 is the most exceptional one of the group and is eventually allowed to escape to see how he will perform in the outside world. His makers watching his every move. He joins the International Contract Agency and begins earning a living using his murderous skills.

It's a crackingly good game series, and I think ripe for the picking from Hollywood, if they get it right. Already I'm concerned though that they might be throwing sylised violence and action over the idea of stealth and ingenious cunning, and the passing over of Jason Statham as the lead was a surprising choice for me.

However Scott will make a great baddie for the film, and I'm sure when Olyphant is shaved he'll look the part.



I can see why they may have skipped on Statham. I mean I like his films & rate the guy, in fact I'd say Crank was one of the most entertaining films last year, that said they could do with a fresh face bringing such a character to the big screen. For example: Tobey Magure for Spidey. Brandon Routh for Superman Returns.

On the flipside Daniel Craig for Bond had such an immature outroar because too many people know him as well Daniel Craig pre-Bond. Previous Bonds though known, weren't all that large in the average public eye.

I think Statham would have similar issues.


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