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Duchovny says X-Files 2 signed this week

DavidDuchovny.jpgStars talk to the press about speculative projects all the time in the hope that it helps push the projects forward, and David Duchovny has been guilty of this for a second X-Files film for some time. Now though he says they're close to signing the deal for the second film.

The last we heard was two months shy of a year when word was that Frank Spotnitz had signed up to help write the film, and at the time he said there was a really good chance it would happen.

Duchovny has spoken before about his desire to make the sequel, but it has been so delayed it's unbelievable, either that or it was never going to happen anyway, except that doesn't right true when we hear about new writers and such.

Now IESB has comments from Duchovny that the deal is really close and that the deal should be signed in a matter of weeks with plans to start shooting in 2008.

Okay, calm down though, we've heard these very same comments before a few years back, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that this time they come true. I'd definitely like to see the film get made, although the word was from the writer announcement above, that the story wouldn't follow the usual X-File line but would be a stand alone horror.

No word on whether Gillian Anderson will return though, or Chris Carter.



Two words about the X-Files movie:



It's been far too long and the fans had enough of being jerked around by red herrings and stories that didn't go anywhere. I know I certainly won't even bother to rent it on DVD, nevermind pay money to go see it at a theater.


I completely disagree. As a huge fan, I'm up for a reprieve of Scully and Mulder though I will admit that lack of involvement from Anderson and Carter would certainly nearly kill the project as far as I'm concerned.

Wow Marina, you must be a hardcore fan! :-)


I love the X-Files, still watch it in repeats all the time too. But, if they're not going to finish the story that the show and last movie started, then I don't even care.

The last movie left us with knowing that an alien invasion was coming to conquer all humans, that the government was helping em do it, and then the TV show ended with telling us exactly when its going to happen.

And thats it, no conclusion. So uh, yea, what happened with that whole aliens gonna enslave all humans thing. I can't see any other possible story being anywhere near as interesting to real fans. And real fans are the ones they should be thinking about when making another one. Cause if its not for the people that actually liked the X-Files, then its just another weird crappy horror film. And we get like a dozen of those a year now.

I used to be a huge fan of the series, up to Season 5 then it all went downhill for me. The first X Files movie also left me cold. It's only when the triumvirate of Carter, Duchovny and Anderson come together, then you can count me back in!

I'm game. I haven't seen the last few seasons, but I would definitely like to see another X-Files movie.

Peace people

We love you


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