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Dunst believes in a Raimi Spider-Man 4

KirstenDunst.jpgKirsten Dunst has been talking about Spider-Man 3 and the future of the franchise as ShoWest, as well as showing some disdain for the Internet as a whole.

From comments she made when questioned about making another Spider-Man and continuing the franchise she immediately turned to Sam Raimi:

"Sam has dedicated so much of his life, like more than ten years, to the 'Spider-Man' franchise with so much passion and love, the man is burnt out at this time...he needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else and then maybe we'll revisit it."

When she was asked about the possibility of the series continuing without Raimi she was pretty headstrong and adamant that Raimi would have a heart attack if that happened and there was no way it would. Her comments through Coming Soon were clear that she and would say no to a sequel just now so that Raimi can have a break and they would come back when there's a story.

She then goes onto say something I don't think she really meant to:

"Where is this being fed to?" Dunst asked inquisitively. "The internet? Great." (And cause you can't tell tone of voice from reading this, let's just say that she seemed less than thrilled by that last bit.)

Great work on the publicity front there Dunst, perhaps you should understand your audience and demographics before dropping comments that get picked up like that.



Ouch Dunst, that statement really bit.

When will this superstars realise that most moviegoers who go and see films like Spiderman are Internet users and rely heavily on online reviews from film sites (like our favorite Filmstalker) and movie news and updates? Instead of thinking the Internet audience as beneath them, reach out, it might help your careers a little bit. See what happened to her film Marie Antoinette.

I may not be much of a Dunst fan, but I'm not going to pass judgement on that one. The "great" at the end of that statement may have been because she was hoping her comments would be reaching a smaller and more exclusive audience. Once things hit the 'net, they tend to get around quickly. If she's guilty of anytihng in that case, it would be underestimating the resourcefulness of the blogging community. Informational tidbits from sources great and small all tend to get noticed these days.

Then again, I wasn't there so how could I know with any certainty what her intentions were? Just thought I'd play devil's advocate.


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