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Emma Watson returns to Harry Potter

EmmaWatson.jpgWell the rumours that Emma Watson wasn't returning to Harry Potter seem to have turned around quickly with Warner Brothers releasing a statement that she is signed up for the rest of the series along with the other cast members.

All sounds like standard negotiations to me, and I would bet that the other guys are kicking themselves after they find out that Watson is on way more than them because she held out longer. Of course, I'm speculating there, but even her co-stars were saying that that Watson was keeping low and not getting involved with them any longer, so it does make sense that she was holding out longer.

"It would be inconceivable to imagine anyone else in the roles with which they have become so identified, so we are thrilled and proud that Daniel, Rupert, and Emma have chosen to complete the arc of their characters in the final two films."

Those are the comments from Jeff Robinov from Warner Brothers through UK IGN.

However Rupert Grint was quite clear about how she was disengaging from the cast and perhaps even the film. It was pretty clear that something was up.

Still, no harm done and she seems to have played hardball. Perhaps in the future we'll hear what really happened and how much she's earning for it.



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