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Englund says Freddy vs Myers still on

FreddyKruger.jpgI thought all the talk of versus films in the horror world was dead, but it turns out that perhaps not. Robert Englund is confident that Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers are going to team up. A Nightmare on Halloween Street?

Personally I can't see it myself, mixing two franchise characters like that especially after such a gap in Freddy's film life. However Englund spoke on MTV through Moviehole and said that John Carpenter is in talks with New Line to work out a way to get it done. No surprise there really, considering that Carpenter is selling some of his classics to get the cash for their remakes.

Apart from the gap in the franchises, it seems a stretch that with a possible rebirth of Halloween around the corner that this could happen. Mind you, Englund also talks about the fact that John McNaughton is still attached to direct a prequel to the Nightmare on Elm Street series, so perhaps this could be following the Batman and Superman route.

Let me explain. They've both had rebirths and new films made, and the studio's are seeing how they fare before hitting an ensemble film which may, or may not, be the versus film that has been touted for some time. Perhaps that's what they are doing here? Getting the two franchises back on their feet, see how they do, and then if they are still breathing bring them together for the versus film?



The only reason I would hope this happens, is to show that John Carpenter is disowning and disregarding Rob Zombie's "remake" of his movie. And by remake, I mean a movie with a killer by the same name and changing EVERYTHING ELSE THAT MADE THE KILLER AND THE MOVIE SO INTERESTING.

Heh heh.


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