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Evan Almighty trailer reveals all

EvanAlmighty.jpgI've just watched the Evan Almighty trailer, and I have to say it's not as disappointing as the first, but it is maybe helped along by the fact that you see the whole film in the short length of the trailer.

However the possibilities for complete disappointment are there. The animals behaving in cute human style in a Dr Doolittle type way that just seems incredibly contrived and, for me, very annoying. What the hell is Morgan Freeman doing?

You can see the trailer over at Worst Previews

I just don't see this working, and after watching the entire film from start to finish in a few minutes I can't see anything worth watching in it, can you?



I just saw the trailer and I really want to see this film. I'm keen to see the great deluge!

i thought that too, when i watched it yesterday. it's a digest trailer. still, if you like this kind of film (which, in a way, i do - i would watch it on TV, quite happily) then you know what you're going to get. it's odd to see that confirmed in the trailer though, they usually try to persuade you that what you know to be true isn't actually - part of the process of getting you to part with your money. cue the new youtube trend then, faux trailers that digest films. like the reduced shakespeare company, for films.


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