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Favreau talks Iron Man production

IronMan_Poster.jpgJon Favreau has updated his blog with a few comments about his work on the upcoming Iron Man and how much work is involved in the film. He's also mentioned how daunting the whole thing is.

He wrote on his MyMarketingSpace page about the work that's happening on the film:

First off, the sets are all being built, the locations are locked and the cast is, for the most part, set. As you all know, RDJ, Gwyneth, T Howard, and Jeff Bridges are all on board. We've had a week of rehearsals and I'm currently working with the writers to tailor the material accordingly. Mr. Bridges has a haircut that will no doubt be of interest to any of you fans of the books.

Now I'm not a fan so I have no idea what that means, can you Iron Man fans shed some light on his haircut comment?

Stan Winston Studios has been unveiling suits for us. Once again, they have exceeded our expectations. Those of you who follow my career know that I am very skeptical about the overuse of CGI. I am happy to report that the film will be a healthy mix of both computer generated and practical effects. My goal is to make the two integrate in a way that they usually do not.

The costume is a huge part of Iron Man, and from what we've seen of the art it's going to look fantastic. I'm dying to see a shot of the suit on someone, but then I don't expect it to be perfect, after all he's talking about some CGI over the top.

Finally there's the scale of the project, something that is clearly visible by the actors on board. Fareau speaks about his fear of the project but also his excitement, both of which I think are extremely healthy.

...this thing is huge. I've never been involved with a film this size. I've been prepping for almost a year and feel extremely confident in the enormously qualified team we've assembled. I would be lying, however, if I didn't admit that the scale of this project was daunting.

Well there's going to be a lot of anticipation out there for this film, and I think it has a great chance, after all there's a great cast behind it and it isn't just relying on an existing fan base. Could you see this film being a success?



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