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Favreau talks Iron Man shooting

IronMan.jpgJon Favreau has updated us on how the Iron Man shooting is going, and it sounds like it's going fantastically.

According to Favreau on his MyMarketingSpace page, the first week is over and there hasn't been a hitch. Sounds like he's loving it.

The look is fantastic and the performances are great as well. Downey was definitely the right choice.

I'm looking forward to getting out of the "cave." The first few weeks of shooting are spent, somewhat in sequence, establishing Stark's captivity. It sets the table tonally for the rest of the film. The close quarters and tight schedule make it the toughest part of the shoot on the cast and crew.

That comes from his own pages through Superhero Hype.

Sounds good, and from the previous set report we heard the film does seem to be going well. I'm interested to see if this does turn out to rival Superman and Batman, I sure hope it does.



I *really* hope this one goes well. If he can pull off his vision of James Bond/Tom Clancy/Superhero it will be awesome.

I find it funny that he posted that after I posted the set report on my site. Something similar happened in regards to the armor when I posted the concept sketch over at Screen Rant. The next day the Stan Winston announcement was made.

Either I should find that cool or I should be worried... I'm not sure which. :-\


Vic, I am leaning more on the cool side of it. ;)

Yeah, go cool man, go cool.

Thanks guys! :-D



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