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Fehr not in Mummy 3

OdedFehr.jpgOded Fehr is a cracking character in the Mummy franchise, and now he's revealed that The Mummy 3 is going ahead and that he's definitely not in it.

At WonderCon 2007 his comments revealed that the film was going ahead:

"I have no doubt that there's going to be a third one," said Fehr. "I spoke to the director of the first two — Stephen Sommers who wrote and directed them. As far as I know, I'm not involved. My character is not involved in the third one. Though, I'm sure it'll be great. If they did ask me to do a third one, I would gladly do it. The movie will forever be very close to my heart, and it's very much a part of me being an actor."

The comments come through IGN. I find this whole change in the franchise quite disheartening, moving the entire story, changing the main villains, it just doesn't seem like it's off to a strong and confident start for me.

Although the character of Ardeth Bay wasn't that critical to the story, he was a fellow fighter with Rick, and they were revealed to be from the same group, you would think it would make sense to continue with that storyline. Looks like it might not though.

Are you finding the whole change of storyline a good thing, or like me do you think it should remain with the existing Mummy instead of heading to China?



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